2015-2016 JETAA Executive


In order to introduce this year’s executive team, each member was asked the question, “What would you do if you were given 100 million yen and could only spend it in Japan?”

Some answers were quite unique, but there was a definite trend for fellow JETers to want to just eat Japanese food and sit in the onsen all day. What can we say, we love Japan and onsen apparently!  紹介しましょう。。。

Nicholas Jones
Furubira, Hokkaido 2009-2011

100 Million Yen Answer

I would take friends on a month-long, all-expenses-paid road trip to every ski-jo in Hokkaido, which would include hiking up every closed, small-town ski-jo hill to get at least one run in.

Carl Sachs
Takayama, Gifu 2008-2012

100 Million Yen Answer

Step 1: Buy another Mitsubishi Legnum

Step 2 – Create an English language onsen/ryokan/road tripping review website for tourists from abroad, promoting the many hidden paradises of the Japanese countryside.

Step 3: Bathe in every onsen in the country while documenting it on the webpage, only stopping when the money runs out or I make it big as a B-list 外人タレント.Living the dream!

Julia Rozinowicz, Treasurer
Tottori 2009-2011

100 Million Yen Answer

I would open a lodge in Niseko (with its own onsen, since it takes apres ski to new levels). And use the rest to travel around to different parts of Japan, with regular visits to Tottori and anywhere that JET tomodachi’s may be.

Clarissa Jewell
Nayoro, Hokkaido 2012-2013

100 Million Yen Answer

I’d get a place in Kanagawa, some rail passes, and all the sour lemon Haichuu I could eat!

Nam Chuong
 Website Director
Ibaraki & Aichi

100 Million Yen Answer

Feast on a million plates of sushi at Kappazushi, or go on a shopping spree at The Daiso.

Judy Cerovski Communications Coordinator
Oita 2009-2012

100 Million Yen Answer

I would hire a personal chef to make delicious seasonal kaiseki ryori everyday, while I traveled around to each prefecture, checking out all the mountain onsens.

Danielle Taschereau Mamers
Events Coordinator
Gero, Gifu 2010-2012

100 Million Yen Answer

An in-home onsen, complete with a hinoki tub with a view and a variety of fancy sachets with herbs and things to scent the water. Any remaining yen will be spent on various flavours of daifuku.

Clara Ho
Conference Coordinator Katano, Osaka 2013-2014

100 Million Yen Answer

Own a combini franchise and have unlimited access to all the onigiri, milk tea, jellies and Lawson karaage.

Tricia Hamilton
Membership Coordinator Kochi, Shikoku 2004-2005

100 Million Yen Answer

I would buy many many MosBurgers and spend all of my day in the onsen, eating MosBurgers.

When she isn’t thinking about MosBurgers, Tricia is a consulting engineer in the water industry in Vaughan, and is an avid dragon boater

Anthony Ferreira
Promotions Coordinator
Akita 2011-2013

100 Million Yen Answer

1960’s era Ultra man suits for all my friends.

Ultra man aside, Anthony works in Education, and loves to travel and eat.

Graeme Andrew Community Liaison Kawaguchi & Kasukabe, Saitama 2005-2007

100 Million Yen Answer

I would invest in the 2 most promising and disruptive Japanese start-up companies I could find! I would of course leave enough for an evening of yakiniku with nomihodai and hot tub karaoke though!


Natalie Bay
Senior Advisor
Unakami, Chiba 2003-2004

100 Million Yen Answer

I would travel around Japan with friends sampling every single umeboshi ever made! When we find the best, we would buy a house in that town so we could go back whenever we wanted.


Nadine Bukhman            Advisor to the Board       Kagoshima, 2008-2009

100 Million Yen Answer

I would try to buy an island and turn it into the next Japanese cat island. I will thereby achieve my dream of being the ultimate cat lady extraordinaire. For now, I’ll just settle for one cat in a Toronto apartment.

Christopher Draenos
Director, Special Projects
Karatsu, Saga 2006-2008

100 Million Yen Answer

Buy a small island paradise off of Kyushu. If I have some money left over, I’d make sure there was a conbini on it too.

Sonomi Tanaka
Treasurer Support
Aomori 2009-2011

100 Million Yen Answer

Starting a blog that reviews the food and onsen of ryokans across Japan. I would obviously be doing the hard work of reviewing the ryokan!

Sonomi spent 2 fantastic years in Aomori partying it up in all the snow and apples. She was part of the Quebec/Atlantic exec for 2 years also, and is excited to be part of JETAA Toronto!

Eunice Leung
Events Support
Yatsushiro, Kumamoto 2007-2009

100 Million Yen Answer

I would invite a couple of friends to go on an epic tour and stay at all the famous onsen ryokans in Japan

Sabrina Silk
Events Support
Tenri, Nara 2011-2012

100 Million Yen Answer


I would buy a bicycle and tour all of Japan, then finish off in Osaka and shop!!!! 😉

Anielyn Benasa Communications Support Amarume, Yamagata 2010-2013

100 Million Yen Answer

A quarter would go to my mom, a quarter to savings, a quarter towards a house, and a quarter to traveling.

Anielyn loves rock climbing, yoga and graphic design. She also has frequent Netflix marathons.

Geoffrey Greig
Conference Support
Kirishima, Kagoshima 2013-2014

100 Million Yen Answer

I would initiate and sponsor a small fantasy/sci-fi themed botanical garden, complete with hummingbirds and other lifeforms from the western hemisphere rarely or never seen in Japan.

Sifton Anipare
Conference Support
Hyogo 2009-2012

100 Million Yen Answer

Spa World! End of List!

Natalie Chan
Membership Support
Ishikawa 2005-2007

100 Million Yen Answer

I would buy an onsen and bathe in it everyday!

Natalie now works for Japan Airlines as the Account Manager.

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