The Executive

The 2015-2016 JETAA Toronto Executive


Co-Chair Nicholas Jones
Co-Chair Carl Sachs
Treasurer Julia Rozinowicz
Secretary Clarissa Jewell
Website Coordinator Nam Chuong
Events Coordinator Danielle Taschereau Mammers
Conference Coordinator Clara Ho
Communications Coordinator Judy Cerovski
Promotions Coordinator Anthony Ferreira
Community Liaison Geoffrey Greig
Membership Coordinator Tricia Hamilton

Committee Members


Advisors to the Board Natalie Bay, Nadine Bukhman
Treasurer Support Sonomi Tanaka
Events Support Eunice Leung, Sabrina Josette Silk
Communications Support Anielyn Benasa
Conference Support Greoffrey Greig, Sifton Anipare
Membership Support Natalie Chan

To learn more about the 2015-2016 Executive Committee, click here.

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