Join us for the JETAA Annual General Meeting (AGM)!

JETAA Toronto will be hosting our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, January 28, 2017. This meeting is the perfect opportunity to catch up on recent JETAA events, as well as to learn about events planned for 2017. This is also your opportunity to join the JETAA Executive Committee.  If you’re a former JET who is living in the Toronto area, you’re officially a member of JETAA, so we’d love it if you joined us for the AGM.

The AGM is also the time when we elect JETAA Executive members for the next year. These executive members help assure the smooth running of JET alumni events by taking on roles such as events coordinators, community liaisons, or communications support.

Date: Saturday, January 28, 2017
Time: 4:30pm
Location: The Fox & Fiddle (280 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON) near St. George Station

Interested in a position? Email
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Throughout January, stay tuned to weekly Facebook posts on the group page, where current Executive members will give a bit of insight about their particular position and what the role is all about. Interested members can even comment or ask questions directly to the posting.
On January 28th, the following positions will be available. If you’re interested in applying for one of these positions and would like more information, email If you’re interested in joining the executive in one of these positions, come prepared to deliver a short platform speech as part of the voting process.

We’re looking for you to join our team!

Available JETAA Executive Positions – 2017-2018:

• Co-Chairs

• Treasurer

• Secretary

• Events Coordinator

• Website Coordinator

• Conference Coordinator

• Communications Coordinator

• Membership Coordinator

• Community Liaison
• Senpai Liaison

• Senior Advisors


Available Support Positions – 2017-2018:
• Treasurer Support

• Events Support
• Communications Support
• Conference Support
• Membership Support


Position Descriptions:

Co-Chair (Two-Year Term):
– The 2 Co-Chairs share the responsibility of leading the JETAA Toronto Executive Committee
Represents JETAA Toronto in the community;
– Schedules Executive meetings and provides agendas;
– Liaises with Consulate staff regarding JETAA activities;
– Keeps abreast of JETAA International and National communications;
– Maintains connections with Canadian JETAA chapters; and
– Oversees the overall operations of JETAA Toronto.
– Ideally these candidates will already have experience working on or with the JETAA Toronto Executive Committee

Treasurer (Two-Year Term):
– Appointed principal accounting and financial officer of JETAA Toronto;
– Sets and manages budgets based on funding from CLAIR
– Maintains financial accounts of the Association;
– Manages receipt and disbursement of funds;
– Provides regular updates on financial accounts; and
– Submits budget proposals and necessary documentation to the Consulate-General of Japan in Toronto and CLAIR.
– Should have an academic and/or professional background in finance, accounting, or a related financial field

Secretary (One-Year Term):
– Records the minutes of the Executive meetings;
– Distributes minutes to Executive members in a timely fashion; and
– Maintains electronic documents of minutes on shared group.

Events Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Responsible for organizing and overseeing  JETAA Toronto events, including the development of new events;
– Co-ordinates – with the assistance of appointed committee member – monthly events aimed at bringing together Alumni;
– Compiles and submits activity reports to the Executive on a monthly basis;
– Develops promotional material for various events, coordinates distribution of information with the Website and Communications Coordinators; and
– Coordinates with the Community Liaison to promote JETAA Toronto events in other Japanese Organizations.

Website Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Maintains the website as a vital tool for the JETAA Toronto community on a regular basis;
– Manages the website’s content management system based on WordPress, and ensures Communications Coordinator has competency to update pages;
– Coordinates with Communications and Events to ensure proper information is delivered to the website in a timely fashion; and
– Provides technical knowledge to the rest of the Executive.

Communications Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Designs and produces JETAA Toronto’s digital newsletter 12 times a year and ad hoc;
– Solicits articles and information from Alumni for use in the newsletters;
– Manages social media to provide an interactive experience for membership;
– Coordinates with Website Coordinator and Events Coordinator to ensure accurate and timely information is provided to Alumni;
– Ensures newsletter is being forwarded to the most up-to-date membership list available; and
– Provides advice on new technology to help streamline newsletter and website flow of information.

Membership Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Contacts and interviews at least one member after each event to solicit feedback;
– Develops and administers electronic surveys to membership at least yearly and ad hoc;
– Regularly updates the membership list;
– Ensures updated information is collected at all events;
– Provides updates to Communications Coordinator to ensure updated email list is created;
– Assists JETAA Toronto in establishing subchapter development in surrounding areas, providing support where needed; and
– Coordinates with Communications to develop new ways attract members.

Conference Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Coordinates Pre-Departure Orientation and Re-Entry Seminar;
– Responsible for coordinating JETAA Canada’s National Conference (if applicable);
– Enlists volunteers from Executive and membership for each event/conference; and
– Provides Communications and Website Coordinator with information to be added to newsletter/website.

Community Liaison (One-Year Term):
– Provides Communications and Events Coordinator information about other Japanese organizations and events that are of interest to membership;
– Attends quarterly Japan-Canada Network Organization (JCNO) meetings;
– Maintains contact with other organizations; and
– Attends executive meeting of other organizations (if applicable).

Senpai Liaison (One-Year Term):
– Represents the interest of alumni who returned from JET 5 or more years ago and who are well established in their careers; and
– Develops event ideas that would appeal to senpai alumni in collaboration with Events Coordinator.
– Spearheads professional networking and Career development events in collaboration with other execs
– Liaises with professional organizations in Toronto


Senior Advisors (One-Year Term):
– Promotes institutional memory, providing JETAA history and context for new exec members
– Ideally the person elected to this role will have had at least three consecutive years of experience serving as part of a JETAA Executive Committee in Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, or Chair -level positions.

Support Roles (all support positions are One-Year terms):

Support staff aid their respective coordinators with labour intensive-positions like conference, events, treasurer, membership, and communications. Joining the executive as support for a given role is the perfect way to learn more about the responsibilities required for that role from an experienced executive member.

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