Help us sponsor a Syrian refugee family

We – a small group of JET alumni – are looking for others to join us in a life-changing project: sponsoring a Syrian refugee family.

Those of us in the JET community know what it’s like to struggle in a foreign country, from figuring out groceries to navigating local transit. We want to tap into that wisdom and zest for adventure. Our group will sponsor a family through an organization dedicated to walking Canadians through the process of sponsoring Syrian refugees.

 We’re looking for a few different types of committed individuals:
*Two or three people willing to be an official part of our sponsorship group. You are willing to work with us to help raise the $30,000 needed to financially support the family during their first year, plus spend time helping the family settle in. It’s not a small commitment, but it will be a rewarding one!
*A number of people who serve as a broader support network we can call on for help, whether it’s in our search for an apartment or helping transport furniture in a vehicle
*Anyone who will donate to help make this happen! We’ll be putting a call out for donations once the group is organized. Keep us in mind.

Please contact Amber Hildebrandt, Natalie Bay and Stephanie De Young at

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