Career Roundtable Speakers: Cecilia Yam & Stephen Branston

The 2017 Career Roundtable is coming up this Friday, November 10. Find out more here. It’s not too late to register to attend here.

(Industry: Education/Graduate School)

Cecilia Yam (Toronto District School Board, Full-time French teacher)

Presentation Topic: Becoming an Invaluable Addition to Any School: Perhaps one of the most transferable skills that former JET participants come back to Canada with is teaching and the ability to work with youth. If you believe teaching is in your future, you will learn quickly that your experiences gained overseas will be invaluable in helping you navigate the Ontario education system.

JET Placement: Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken (2009-2012)

JETAA Executive Position: Conference Coordinator

Bio: Cecilia is a permanent teacher with the Toronto District School Board. When she first moved back to Toronto, she worked briefly for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Cecilia found that she missed being in the classroom and realized her passion for education. She returned to school and obtained her Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa in 2015 and has been a full-time elementary school teacher ever since. She occasionally returns to Japan to teach summer school.


Stephen Branston (Teacher candidate at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education)

Presentation Topic: Research in Education at the

Post-Grad Level: If you have decided to follow the path of education throughout your career, then the degree you choose will make a big difference in your future options.

Find out what is available to you and narrow down which program is the right one for YOUR journey, as well as what kind of work you should expect.

JET Placement: Kagawa-ken (2011-2014)
JETAA Executive Position: Co-Chair

Bio: Stephen is a teacher candidate at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education and one of the current cochairs of Toronto’s JETAA chapter. He is currently completing his second Masters Program; his thesis focuses on Settler teachers’ discomfort with Indigenous Knowledge.

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