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**P-DOT Volunteer Update**

The 2016 Pre-Departure Orientation will take place on Saturday, June 25th to Sunday, June 26th at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.

We are looking for volunteers to help out as both general volunteers and presenters on the following topics:

– Office Relationships & Professionalism
– Life Outside the Classroom
– Representing Canada
– Japanese Education System, Classroom Management and Team Teaching
– Wellness, Coping and Culture Shock
– Living as a Female/Male in Japan
– Rural JET Experience
– Travelling While Working on JET
– Food in Japan
– Transport & Car Ownership

Those volunteers interested in being speakers should include a list of the presentation topics they would be qualified to cover. General volunteers should detail which of the following responsibilities they would be able to help out with: tech support (audio/video), time keeping, and logistical support (set up/take down).


The deadline to sign up as a volunteer has been extended. All interested volunteers, please contact Cecilia Yam, Conference Coordinator, at conference@jetaatoronto.ca by Sunday, May 22nd, 2016.


Opportunity for science undergrads to study at the University of Tokyo

University of Tokyo: Global Science Course
If you know someone who is currently pursuing a BSc and is interested in studying abroad, the University of Tokyo might just have the program for them. The Global Science Course is aimed at undergraduate chemistry students entering their third year, and provides a unique opportunity for cultural exchange alongside scientific learning.
The application deadline for students who wish to start in October 2016 is April 8th, 2016, 5 PM (JST). More information can be found at http://www.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/GSC/.

Help us sponsor a Syrian refugee family

We – a small group of JET alumni – are looking for others to join us in a life-changing project: sponsoring a Syrian refugee family.

Those of us in the JET community know what it’s like to struggle in a foreign country, from figuring out groceries to navigating local transit. We want to tap into that wisdom and zest for adventure. Our group will sponsor a family through an organization dedicated to walking Canadians through the process of sponsoring Syrian refugees.

 We’re looking for a few different types of committed individuals:
*Two or three people willing to be an official part of our sponsorship group. You are willing to work with us to help raise the $30,000 needed to financially support the family during their first year, plus spend time helping the family settle in. It’s not a small commitment, but it will be a rewarding one!
*A number of people who serve as a broader support network we can call on for help, whether it’s in our search for an apartment or helping transport furniture in a vehicle
*Anyone who will donate to help make this happen! We’ll be putting a call out for donations once the group is organized. Keep us in mind.

Please contact Amber Hildebrandt, Natalie Bay and Stephanie De Young at Senpai@jetaatoronto.ca.

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