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Call for P-DOT volunteers

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It’s that time of year again… Our new batch of JET participants are preparing to embark on their adventure to Japan and the Pre-Departure Orientation is just around the corner! We are currently looking for genki and energetic JETAA senpai to help this year’s departing JETs prepare for the experience of a lifetime. Date and location of this year’s orientation is TBD.

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Help us sponsor a Syrian refugee family

We – a small group of JET alumni – are looking for others to join us in a life-changing project: sponsoring a Syrian refugee family.

Those of us in the JET community know what it’s like to struggle in a foreign country, from figuring out groceries to navigating local transit. We want to tap into that wisdom and zest for adventure. Our group will sponsor a family through an organization dedicated to walking Canadians through the process of sponsoring Syrian refugees.

 We’re looking for a few different types of committed individuals:
*Two or three people willing to be an official part of our sponsorship group. You are willing to work with us to help raise the $30,000 needed to financially support the family during their first year, plus spend time helping the family settle in. It’s not a small commitment, but it will be a rewarding one!
*A number of people who serve as a broader support network we can call on for help, whether it’s in our search for an apartment or helping transport furniture in a vehicle
*Anyone who will donate to help make this happen! We’ll be putting a call out for donations once the group is organized. Keep us in mind.

Please contact Amber Hildebrandt, Natalie Bay and Stephanie De Young at

Upcoming Event: Family Day at Riverdale Farm

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Join JETAA for a picnic and walk around Riverdale Farm, a long-standing family favorite in the downtown core on Sunday, August 30th!

JETAA is excited to further the JET Programme mandate and present our first family-focused event to cater to our increasingly diverse membership.  We are reaching out to all JET alumni, including those with kids and who want to stay involved with JETAA Toronto.  Of course, a day in the park is a great day for anyone, so we’d love to see all of our alumni members, with or without children, out for an afternoon of relaxed fun. Continue reading

Seeking JET alums for Satogaeri Project









CLAIR has announced the Satogaeri (“Homecoming”) Project, an exciting new program which will send former JET Program participants back to the communities where they once lived and worked as JETs. As part of the project, the Japanese government will fund trips for JET alumni to return to their JET home towns to reconnect with the friends, colleagues, and students with whom they developed close relationships. A “mini-JETAA International” meeting in Tokyo will also be part of the program.

We would love to have a JET from the Toronto area participate in this fantastic project.  In case you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact

Submission Details: CLAIR Satogaeri Project Page –

Deadline for Submissions: Monday July 13th, 2015 Continue reading

Upcoming Meet-Up: JETAA Senpai

If you’ve been back from Japan for a few years now, and you want to connect, or reconnect with the JETAA community, we want to hear from you.

Join members of JETAA Toronto on the evening of the evening of Thursday April 30thto share ideas and create plans for how to better involve our alumni who have returned a while ago.  Everyone is welcome!

Email to RSVP or to contribute any ideas.


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