Event Recap: Scavenger Hunt and Returner’s Pub Night

By: Maegan Cheng

Did you know that Canada’s reference library was designed by Raymond Moriyama? Or that mural outside of Sanko was done by four Japanese artists? Have you ever spotted the cherry blossom trees on the University of Toronto campus?

On Saturday September 30th, JETAA Toronto celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the JET Programme with a sweet scavenger hunt around our beautiful city. Teams raced against the clock and across town, decoding clever clues to find locations to snap their shot and check off their lists. Armed only with TTC day passes and their wits, any of the teams could have triumphed! Congratulations to our winning team – Vesper and Liz – who took their prize in Japan-related stuff!

All participants were winners though as they found our lovely volunteers at selected store locations. JETAA bought the teams taiyaki, onigiri, and small trinkets to relive those halcyon days in Japan at select stores including Muji, Sanko, PAT, and Things Japan.

The time of reckoning came at the Duke of York where we welcomed back the teams and and returning JETs, transitioning into the Returner’s Pub Night. Celebrating a fun-filled day with an evening of snacks and camaraderie, it was a great time to play some Cards Against Humanity, make new friends and catch up with the awesome human beings that are former JETs.

While the day officially ended there, Nuit Blanche provided an exciting nijikai for all who had some energy left. Charming and thought-provoking displays were erected across the city to capture hearts and minds.

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