Recruiting New Executive for 2018-19 at our AGM on Saturday, January 27


Come out to JETAA Toronto’s Annual General Meeting to hang out with fellow JETAA members, eat yummy food, grab a drink, and catch up. We’ll be reviewing the past year’s events, going over the budget, brainstorming new ideas for the upcoming year, and last but not least, voting on a new executive.
Everyone is welcome! If you are interested in applying for a position, click the link below for a full list of positions with descriptions. If there are multiple candidates interested in a position, be prepared to give a brief statement about why you think you’d be a good fit for the role.
The AGM will be on Saturday, January 27th from 3:30 to 7:30pm at The Office Pub, 117 John Street, Toronto. We hope to see you there!

The following positions are open for the 2018-2019 year, which runs April-March. If you’re interested in applying a position on the JETAA Toronto executive committee and would like more information, feel free to email If you’re interested in running, be prepared to deliver a short platform speech as part of the voting process.
We’re looking for you to join our team!
Available JETAA Executive Positions – 2017-2018:
• Co-Chair (By-election for one of two positions
• Secretary
• Events Coordinator
• Website Coordinator
• Conference Coordinator
• Communications Coordinator
• Membership Coordinator
• Community Liaison
• Senpai Liaison
• Senior Advisors
Available Support Positions – 2017-2018:
• Treasurer Support
• Events Support
• Communications Support
• Conference Support
• Membership Support
Position Descriptions:
Co-Chair (Two-Year Term):
– The two Co-Chairs share the responsibility of leading the JETAA Toronto Executive Committee
– Represents JETAA Toronto in the community;
– Schedules Executive meetings and provides agendas;
– Liaises with Consulate staff regarding JETAA activities;
– Keeps abreast of JETAA International and National communications;
– Maintains connections with Canadian JETAA chapters; and
– Oversees the overall operations of JETAA Toronto.
– Ideally these candidates will already have experience working on or with the JETAA Toronto Executive Committee
Secretary (One-Year Term):
– Records the minutes of the Executive meetings;
– Distributes minutes to Executive members in a timely fashion; and
– Maintains electronic documents of minutes on shared group.
Events Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Responsible for organizing and overseeing  JETAA Toronto events, including the development of new events;
– Co-ordinates – with the assistance of appointed committee member – monthly events aimed at bringing together Alumni;
– Compiles and submits activity reports to the Executive on a monthly basis;
– Develops promotional material for various events, coordinates distribution of information with the Website and Communications Coordinators; and
– Coordinates with the Community Liaison to promote JETAA Toronto events in other Japanese Organizations.
Website Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Maintains the website as a vital tool for the JETAA Toronto community on a regular basis;
– Manages the website’s content management system based on WordPress, and ensures Communications Coordinator has competency to update pages;
– Coordinates with Communications and Events to ensure proper information is delivered to the website in a timely fashion; and
– Provides technical knowledge to the rest of the Executive.
Communications Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Designs and produces JETAA Toronto’s digital newsletter 12 times a year and ad hoc;
– Solicits articles and information from Alumni for use in the newsletters;
– Manages social media to provide an interactive experience for membership;
– Coordinates with Website Coordinator and Events Coordinator to ensure accurate and timely information is provided to Alumni;
– Ensures newsletter is being forwarded to the most up-to-date membership list available; and
– Provides advice on new technology to help streamline newsletter and website flow of information.
Membership Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Contacts and interviews at least one member after each event to solicit feedback;
– Develops and administers electronic surveys to membership at least yearly and ad hoc;
– Regularly updates the membership list;
– Ensures updated information is collected at all events;
– Provides updates to Communications Coordinator to ensure updated email list is created;
– Assists JETAA Toronto in establishing subchapter development in surrounding areas, providing support where needed; and
– Coordinates with Communications to develop new ways attract members.
Conference Coordinator (One-Year Term):
– Coordinates Pre-Departure Orientation and Re-Entry Seminar;
– Responsible for coordinating JETAA Canada’s National Conference (if applicable);
– Enlists volunteers from Executive and membership for each event/conference; and
– Provides Communications and Website Coordinator with information to be added to newsletter/website.
Community Liaison (One-Year Term):
– Provides Communications and Events Coordinator information about other Japanese organizations and events that are of interest to membership;
– Attends quarterly Japan-Canada Network Organization (JCNO) meetings;
– Maintains contact with other organizations; and
– Attends executive meeting of other organizations (if applicable).
Senpai Liaison (One-Year Term):
– Represents the interest of alumni who returned from JET 5 or more years ago and who are well established in their careers; and
– Develops event ideas that would appeal to senpai alumni in collaboration with Events Coordinator.
– Spearheads professional networking and Career development events in collaboration with other execs
– Liaises with professional organizations in Toronto
Senior Advisors (One-Year Term):
– Promotes institutional memory, providing JETAA history and context for new exec members
– Ideally the person elected to this role will have had at least three consecutive years of experience serving as part of a JETAA Executive Committee in Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, or Chair -level positions.
Support Roles (all support positions are One-Year terms):
Support staff aid their respective coordinators with labour intensive-positions like conference, events, treasurer, membership, and communications. Joining the executive as support for a given role is the perfect way to learn more about the responsibilities required for that role from an experienced executive member.

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