Call for Essays on JET Programme Experience (Shokokai Newsletter)

Shokokai (Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce & Industry) Newsletter:
JET Programme Experience Essay Callout

Hello everyone, we have received a request for essays about your Japan Experience during your time on the JET Programme. The Japanese Chamber of Commerce produces a newsletter that is sent out to its representative Japanese companies in Ontario. They have asked our office to connect with recently returned JET’s and former JET Participants to see if any of you may be interested in writing such an essay.

They are curious about your experiences living and working in Japan and they wanted to choose once person to share their Japan Experience. Unfortunately, there is no remuneration available for this essay submission, but it is a great chance to get your ideas and name out there and connect with the Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce & Industry.

 If you are interested in submitting an essay, please send your submission via e-mail to:

 Here are the essay submission details:

Topic: Your Japan Experience-something memorable or surprising about living in Japan

Pictures: Please Include 3-5 pictures related to the content of the essay

Language: can be in English or Japanese (English essays will be translated into Japanese)

Format: Word document, 1000 word1500 word essay , Double-spaced, Font size 12

Deadline: December 9, 2016

Information about the Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce & Industry:


Our goal is to promote friendly relations between Canada and Japan through economic, commercial and industrial activities of Shokokai’s members, as well as to develop and maintain good relations with the community at large.

We provide information to the Japanese business community in Ontario and promote friendship along with the exchange of information among our members. We strive to provide strong support to the Japanese Saturday School (Japanese School of Toronto Shokokai Inc.), commonly referred to as the Hoshuko.


Approximately 120 Ontario companies comprise the membership. These include companies with direct Japanese investments as well as affiliate Japanese companies.

The Association is managed by thirteen members of the Board of Directors. The Directors are the most senior executives of the member corporations and are elected annually at the Annual Meeting of Members.

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