Natsukashii Corner: Shopping Carts

Remember after coming back to Canada and thinking, “Wow, our shopping carts are so huge!” Well you’re not the only one.

shopping carts

In Japan, the shopping carts are just the right size—especially when shopping just for one! But the most convenient part is that the cart perfectly fits a shopping basket. So at the check out counter, all you need to do is place your basket on the counter and let the staff empty it out and scan everything for you.

If you happened to be shopping for more than one, there’s also the bottom rack that also perfectly fits a second basket! (I didn’t know this for the longest time!) To top things off, there’s even a hook on the cart where you could hang a bag or umbrella. Ingenious! However, best of all, the wheels can rotate 360 degrees in all directions! Drifting through the corners and down the aisles has never been easier!

So the next time you go shopping at Loblaws, searching for that quarter to unlock the monster sized shopping cart, then tossing your umbrella and bag directly into the cart while trying to steer properly because one of the wheels are stuck, only to purchase a few items that you have to unload manually at the cash register onto the conveyor belt, think back to Japan and ask yourself, “Why can’t we have these nice little things in Canada?”

Written by Nam Chuong


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