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Career Roundtable Speakers: Cecilia Yam & Stephen Branston

The 2017 Career Roundtable is coming up this Friday, November 10. Find out more here. It’s not too late to register to attend here.

(Industry: Education/Graduate School)

Cecilia Yam (Toronto District School Board, Full-time French teacher)

Presentation Topic: Becoming an Invaluable Addition to Any School: Perhaps one of the most transferable skills that former JET participants come back to Canada with is teaching and the ability to work with youth. If you believe teaching is in your future, you will learn quickly that your experiences gained overseas will be invaluable in helping you navigate the Ontario education system.

JET Placement: Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken (2009-2012)

JETAA Executive Position: Conference Coordinator

Bio: Cecilia is a permanent teacher with the Toronto District School Board. When she first moved back to Toronto, she worked briefly for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Cecilia found that she missed being in the classroom and realized her passion for education. She returned to school and obtained her Bachelor of Education at the University of Ottawa in 2015 and has been a full-time elementary school teacher ever since. She occasionally returns to Japan to teach summer school.


Stephen Branston (Teacher candidate at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education)

Presentation Topic: Research in Education at the

Post-Grad Level: If you have decided to follow the path of education throughout your career, then the degree you choose will make a big difference in your future options.

Find out what is available to you and narrow down which program is the right one for YOUR journey, as well as what kind of work you should expect.

JET Placement: Kagawa-ken (2011-2014)
JETAA Executive Position: Co-Chair

Bio: Stephen is a teacher candidate at the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education and one of the current cochairs of Toronto’s JETAA chapter. He is currently completing his second Masters Program; his thesis focuses on Settler teachers’ discomfort with Indigenous Knowledge.

Career Roundtable Speaker: Chris Draenos

The 2017 Career Roundtable is coming up this Friday, November 10. Find out more here. It’s not too late to register to attend here.

(Industry: Presentation & Facilitation Skills/Healthcare/Nursing/Research)

Presentation Topic: Improve Your Presentation & Facilitation Technique (Topic relevant to any!)

Reflect on your strengths and opportunities for improvement in your presentation and facilitation technique. Identify strategies to engage your audience utilizing multiple learning styles.

JET Placement: Karatsu-shi, Saga-ken (2006-2008)

JETAA Executive Position: (current) Senior Adviser, (Former) Special Projects; Chair; Conference Coordinator

Bio: I am a recently graduated Registered Nurse. Prior to working as a nurse I have been in healthcare as a project manager and policy analyst. I am currently working in sexual health research with gay and bisexual and palliative care with adults and children. Prior to that, I have 8 years of experience in the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry in hospital administration, project management, market research and privacy. My experience on JET is not directly related to my current career but provided me with transferable skills, such as facilitating workshops, designing
health education using learning principles, cultural sensitivity, flexibility and adaptability.

Career Roundtable Speaker: Steven Hodder

The 2017 Career Roundtable is coming up this Friday, November 10. Find out more here. It’s not too late to register to attend here.

(Industry: Power Systems and Systems Engineering)

Presentation Topic: スチーム – Onsen to Industry: Making the Move to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)

Description: Steve will use his 15+ years of industry experience in the engineering and technology sector to outline key considerations when attempting to enter science & technology industries, with a particular focus on the energy industry. Steve will provide insights into current trends in the energy industry, and will offer some suggestions in how to start developing skills and knowledge to make the transition into technology-related fields. 

Canada Japan Society in Toronto: Co-Chair of the Board of Directors

Bio: Steve has been actively involved in the power and energy sector following his graduation from Lakehead University with an Honours Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree and Electrical Engineering Technology diploma. He has held various positions in both public and private sectors, ranging from applied research & development, engineering standards development, international marketing and sales, project management, and engineering quality assurance. 

Beyond his day-to-day activities in the electricity industry, Steve is has volunteered on the Board of Directors of the Canada Japan Society in Toronto, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing a better understanding between Canada and Japan, for the past six years and currently holds the position of Co-Chair of the Board. 

Steven is an open-source evangelist, and is an avid proponent for free (as in “freedom”) open-source software and its use in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) education.

Career Roundtable Speaker: Andrew Massey

The 2017 Career Roundtable is coming up this Friday, November 10. Find out more here. It’s not too late to register to attend here.

(Industry: Travel/Tourism/Hospitality & Leisure)

Presentation Topic:

The Good Spin: Using your JET-experience to get hired.

JET is a great way to gain transferable skills and widely applicable experience.

With a little creativity, you can turn that experience into a job that you actually enjoy!

JET Placement: Nagasaki-ken (2013-2015)

JETAA Exec Position: Website Coordinator

Bio: Andrew is currently employed at the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), an Independent Administrative Institution of the government of Japan which primarily promotes Japanese inbound tourism. In Canada, the JNTO’s office is located in downtown Toronto and promotes Japan in the Canadian market through promotional campaigns, hosting special events, working with travel agencies, and by providing information directly to individual travelers. During his time at the JNTO, Andrew has worked in major cities across the country at various trade shows and travel-related events. He has also had the opportunity to travel back to Japan on business. Andrew is a strong proponent of the JET programme and his present employment is a direct result of his experiences as an ALT.

Career Roundtable Speaker: Eve Haque

The 2017 Career Roundtable is coming up this Friday, November 10. Find out more here. It’s not too late to register to attend here.

(Industry: Post-Graduate Education/Applied Linguistics/ESL)

Presentation Topic:

Going to Graduate School; Teaching ESL and other possible post-JET academic pathways:

JET can lay the foundations for exciting and interesting academic pathways that will lead to stimulating and rewarding careers.

JET Placement: Gifu-ken, 1992-1994

Bio: Eve Haque is Associate Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics at York University and is currently a visiting professor in Canadian Studies at University College, University of Toronto, as well as the 2017/18 Lillian Robinson Visiting Scholar at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University.  Her research and teaching interests focus on language policy, ethnolinguistic nationalism, and language training regimes for immigrants.  Eve Haque has supervised approximately 20 PhD and MA students, as well as over 20 research assistants over a range of research projects she has led over the past decade.  She currently sits on the Advisory board for the Canadian Association of Cultural Studies.  In addition to many book chapters, she has also published in a range of journals.  

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